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With SpyFone You Can View:

His Texts

Allows you to monitor texts & multimedia messages, sent and received.

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Snapchat Messages

Not even Snapchat can evade the detection power of this app. **

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His WhatApp Chats

Don't miss out on any potential cheating tool. No hiding with SpyFone.

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Facebook Messenger

41% of men said they did it thanks to FB. Is he one of them? **

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Where He Is

The old "I'm working late" won't be a valid excuse for much longer thanks to SpyFone. **

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What Apps He Uses

Does he use and hide dating apps like tinder? You'll see what apps are installed on his phone at the click of a button!

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...and you get so much more: call manager, number blocking,
Viber, Line, Telegram, App Control, browsing history...

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*You must obtain the device main user’s permission in order to use monitoring. If they’re faithful, they’ll want to prove it.
**This feature is only available for Android.​

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If you think your significant other has got a secret, use this tool right now. He may say that he's catching the game with his friends, when in reality he's at the bar with some girl he met online.

What about your girlfriend?
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